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Cookouts or Road Trips, Preparation is the Key

Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff to summer and after the winter we’ve had, we’re ready for cookouts, swimming, and road trips, am I right? When planning a summer house party, everything needs to be perfect: grill hot, beverages cold, volleyball net sturdy, and lawn looking sharp.

The same goes for your car when you’re hitting the road for a family vacation. The last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road in the heat.

Make sure you do a couple things before you head out to see the Largest Bottle of Ketchup in Collinsville, Ill., the home of the World’s Biggest Taco in Mexicali, Mexico, or the World’s Largest Lollipop in Burlingame, Calif. These tips are quick and easy and will prevent a lot of headache down the road, literally and figuratively.

  1. Check your windshield wipers. It may seem like a minor part of your car, but in some parts of the country, storms can pop up out of nowhere and you need to be ready. Head to our wiper blade DIY Hub for insider info on blades and the right way to install them:
  2. Change your oil. It’s surprising how many people take off on a long adventure with 7,000 or 8,000 miles on their car since their last oil change. Unlike NASCAR, you don’t have a group of top-notch mechanics waiting in the garage to fix your ride. Save money and save time waiting for someone else to work on your car by changing your own oil:
  3. Flush your radiator. If you’re working hard outside and get too hot, you feel sick and want to stop what you’re doing. Your car is no different. Coolant is like an ice-cold beverage on a hot day for your grocery getter. Flush out the old and bring in some new. Got that DIY spirit? Head to our DIY Hub to see how it’s done:
  4. Don’t forget a jump starter. You’re exhausted after a day of driving and you leave your lights on when you get to the hotel. Completely understandable. Instead of asking the sketchy-looking guy next door with the uni-brow for a jump, break out your PEAK Jump Starter. Check it out: In a flash, you’re back on the road singing the soundtrack of Frozen.

That should do it. We can’t promise your mother-in-law won’t bend your ear for a thousand miles about getting a better job, but by doing these four things, we can say you won’t have listen to it while on the side of the road.

russ komarnicki

May 23, 2014

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