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Dan Fletcher Blog #2: Moving to Raleigh

Happy Holidays my PEAK amigos and the PEAKsquad! It’s time to put politics and the virus behind us and get 2020 over with! I’m super pumped to get to 2021 and the new NHRA racing season. Hopefully we can get life back to normal and just worry about burning rubber and race gas. But before Dan Fletcher Racing can get to 2021, we need to get DFR relocated to its new base in Raleigh, NC.

In the last blog, I mentioned we prepped the fleet for the multiple trips from New York to North Carolina, checking all the fluids and topping of with PEAK 10X Antifreeze & Coolant.  Since I’ve literally only moved a couple of times previously in my adult life, I hadn’t really spent too much time thinking about what else was ahead of me. The first time I ever moved was obviously out of my parent’s house as a kid, so that was really no big deal at all. Take your clothes and bedroom furniture and skate. The second time was as a young family moving into our first little suburban home. Again, not too big of a deal, pack up a high chair or two and roll. And the last time was to the current abode, and it was literally only two or three miles from one place to the other. Put everything in the back of the truck and make a bunch of trips, but easy peasy. We didn’t have to wrap or pack a thing!

Well let me just tell you, this moving 600 plus miles down the road sucks big time! We had lived in our house here in NY for over 18 years, and holy cow did we ever accumulate a bunch of stuff! And to make matters worse, we had built a granny flat for my late mother-in-law several years back and apparently she should have been featured in an episode of Hoarders. The amount of stuff she had squirrelled away in the basement could have easily fueled five garage sales, but we only had time for one. We had to get this place packed up, cleaned up, and put on the market immediately!

Talk about ground hog’s day. I’m so sick of lifting, packing, and sorting; keep it, sell it, or toss it…my God, will this never end? If one ever needed the impetus to be more of a minimalist, this was it! We closed on our new digs around the first of November and made our first moving trip down soon after. Let’s just say it looked like The Beverly Hillbillys got in a convoy with the cast of Street Outlaws. We literally had five separate rigs rolling down I-95 Southbound. We had race cars, motorcycles, and barrels of VP fuel. We had couches, dressers, and lawn furniture. And trophies; we had trophies. I’m not complaining, I’m way proud to have 104 NHRA wins, but they are not the easiest things to move without damaging. I sure do wish we had the funds to have just hired a moving company!

After a few days of unloading trailers, it was time to head back home and get the old place sold. I’ve watched my fair share of HGTV, and while I’m certainly no expert on selling a house, I do know how to sell a car, and that entails having it shined up and fully detailed. The same logic should apply to a house, so it was time to paint a few rooms and scrub-a-dub-dub. I was more than a little concerned about selling a house in today’s climate, but we had to just get the sign in the yard and hope for the best.

I don’t have a lot of glowing things to say about Rochester’s cold, snowy winters but real estate is very affordable, and the market always seems to be strong. Why anyone would want to move here is beyond me, but everyone has to live somewhere, right? Well, call Ripleys, ‘cause the selling thing actually went as well as I could have ever hoped for. Listed on a Wednesday with no showings till Friday and no negotiations till Monday. Eight showings, three offers, all over asking price. No more vacuuming and dusting three times a day, no more strangers walking around the house in their stinky socks, and no more tall husband guys getting in the bathtub to see if he fits. Over and done in one weekend!

Well, it’s the holiday season, and December in Western NY can mean a lot of different things, some good and some bad, but what it always means is its time to get your vehicles ready for the elements. The same 300k mile dually that recently chugged its way back from its second trip south just got the plow put on for tonight’s snow storm. And more importantly, after the plow got put on, it had the fluids topped off again with some of PEAK’s finest. When you’re plowing snow in the middle of the night, PEAK windshield wash and deicer is the only way to see clearly!

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