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First Stab at Blogging by Dan Fletcher

Greetings to my #PEAKSquad peeps, and thanks for taking a look at my first stab at blogging, vlogging, or whatever this deal is going to ultimately look like. I’m Dan Fletcher, a professional NHRA drag racer for 25 plus years with over 100 wins on the tour. That might sound like a glamorous gig, but I promise you, not so much! I’m going try to basically chronicle a little bit of what it’s like to be a sole proprietor in the world of professional drag racing, while mixing in trying to be a husband and father at the same time.

A lot of changes are going on here at Dan Fletcher Racing these days. As we all know, 2020 is the most messed up situation on almost every level of existence, and we’re all just trying to keep our sanity and not go bankrupt. I’m based out of Rochester, NY, way up north in the state by Lake Ontario. Clearly not the smartest place to base a race team out of, and we should have moved to almost anywhere else years ago. So naturally, we’re choosing now, during the midst of a global pandemic, to make our move. Like I said, I’m a drag racer not a brain surgeon.

The virus put a serious damper on the property search the first half of the year, but starting around June we were able to start our search in person as opposed to virtually. We settled on the suburbs of Raleigh, NC, and headed back down there a few weeks ago determined to find a home during a month long racing adventure. My racing operation has expanded over the years, and it’s now grown to 5 cars with multiple motor homes, trucks, and trailers. It’s a family operation, so when this deal pulls out of the driveway, it’s a lot more than just get in the truck and go.

As we were going to be gone for a month, it meant everyone was coming, and I mean everyone. 6 grown adults, 2 dogs, and a cat. Well, the cat apparently wasn’t too pumped to leave, as it took us almost an hour to coax him out from under the bed, and after we got him out we couldn’t find the doggie downers for the one pooch that has BAD travel anxiety.  And once we found those and finally did get rolling, this trip had only one motor home in service, as my son’s “new to him” motor home was still trapped in Canada with the border being closed. Well let me just tell you, a 45’ motor home, no matter how many slide outs it has, gets awfully freaking small after a week or two!

Regardless, we bought a house in Raleigh and will be making lots of trips back and forth over the next few months. Time to winterize the race cars and stock up on PEAK Antifreeze & Coolant for the journey ahead. And this fall, PEAK Auto just made it easier on the old wallet to winterize the fleet with an awesome $7 rebate! Please allow me to recommend the PEAK Antifreeze & Coolant 50/50 for topping off!


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