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Dirt Season

Ah, spring has sprung. Birds sing, children laugh and the smell of burning race fuel fills the air…

NASCAR is already a month into their season, NHRA is running strong, and the iconic Mint 400 is upon us.

It’s officially dirt season.

Hunter S. Thompson may have described it best.

“In some circles, the Mint 400 is a far, far better thing than the Superbowl, the Kentucky Derby, and the lower Oakland Roller Derby finals all rolled into one. This race attracts a very special breed…”

The Mint isn’t the cult classic it was before its 20-year hiatus, but it still embodies the spirit that earned it the title The Great American Desert Race and features some amazing off-road action.

TORC, The Off-Road Championship, will also be running a combine outside of Vegas. It’s a cool time to contrast desert racing with short-course off road – and you get to see the entire race from one seat. 

If you’ve never gotten the chance to watch 800 horsepower trucks with 36” of suspension travel trash about the desert, put it on your list – you’ll be glad you did. But be warned – it may make you want to gear up an off-road racer of your own.

If you make it out, keep an eye on PEAK Racing driver Bryce Menzies – he’s expected to tear it up. Ricky Johnson is sitting this one out for gallbladder surgery, but he’ll be back in action shortly.

Don’t forget time is running out to register for a chance to win a trip to race the 24 Hours of LeMons with Ricky on your team. If you haven’t entered, you better do that right now

See you in the dirt.

russ komarnicki

March 22, 2013

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