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Grip, Rip & Road Trip: East Coast Leg

Coming in hot with another edition of Grip, Rip & Road Trip. For this leg of the trip, we’re packing up the car and making our way across the East Coast of our great nation.

If you’ve been following along our journey, then you already know the pre-trip maintenance drill — and have already taken care of the 5 following things:
Inspected windshield wiper blades (and added washer fluid)
Checked Antifreeze
Examined the engine air filter
Checked engine oil (and changed if needed)
Tested tire pressure

And now you’re ready to roll.

Running a bit behind–still need to get your ride dialed for the trip? Pump the brakes. We have you covered.

With those out of the way, it’s now time to line you up with The Top 5 East Coast automotive museums you can’t afford to miss.

Saratoga Automobile Museum: Saratoga Springs, New York
This museum is an auto goldmine. We’re talking everything from classic hot rods through a one of a kind BMW M1 that Andy Warhol gave a custom paint job back in ’79.

NASCAR Hall of Fame: Charlotte, North Carolina
You…can’t stand left hand turns. Live for green-white checkered finishes, and can rattle off race stats with the best of ’em. Well, this is your calling.

American Armoured Foundation, Inc. (aka The Tank Museum): Danville, Virginia
Freedom isn’t free. So go pay a tribute to our troops and get up close and personal with the tanks, rolling fortresses, and weaponry of our fallen heroes.

Eastern Museum of Motor Racing: York Springs, Pennsylvania
Looking for a hearty dose of open wheel and dirt track racing memorabilia? Your search has ended.

International Motor Racing Research Center: Watkins Glen, New York
Located just a stone’s throw away from the legendary Watkins Glen International, this museum is the central archive for all driver-related and racing documents. Volumes on volumes on volumes of them.

That about covers it. See you on the Highway.

russ komarnicki

August 23, 2013

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