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Grip, Rip & Road Trip: Midwest-Style

We’re back with another edition of Grip, Rip & Road Trip. This time, we’re doing it up Midwest-Style. 

It goes without saying, but planning is crucial. So make sure to take care of those 5 simple auto upkeep procedures before heading out. Miss our last Road Trip Blog & wondering how to ready your ride for the trip? No sweat. You can get the lowdown right over here

Invest a few hours of your time now —> Save a few hundred (or thousand) dollars in the long run. The choice is yours to make. 

Soon as you’ve checked all functional fluids and topped off—remember to inspect the air filter and tire pressure, too. And swap those old wiper blades for a fresh set if they’re beat! All clear? Good. Now, use our trusty guide to get dialed into the most legit auto museums and pit stops across the Midwest. 

National Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum: Knoxville, Iowa
The name says it all. But be forewarned — There’s enough sprint car swag here to hold you over until 2050. 

MotorCities National Heritage Area: Detroit, Michigan
This isn’t just an auto history museum. It’s THE automotive breeding ground of ‘Merica. Plus, August is Autopalooza month. Can you say car culture overload in Motor City? Yeah. 

Snook’s Dream Cars: Bowling Green, Ohio
Change things up and add a bit of kitsch to the trip. This decommissioned gas station-turned-showroom is bursting at the seams with vintage Fords, Caddys and kit cars, to boot. 

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum: Indianapolis, Indiana
Sitting pretty amongst the Indianapolis Motor Speedway grounds, this massive museum pays homage to all things auto racing. From timing and scoring equipment to iconic Indy 500 cars — It’s all here. 

Gilmore Car Museum: Hickory Corners, Michigan
You simply cannot call yourself a true classic car aficionado until you’ve pad the Gilmore a visit. Did we mention there are six onsite partner museums for you to explore?

Buckle up. It’s time to hit the open road. 

russ komarnicki

August 19, 2013

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