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Nothing says independence better than driving.
Remember the day you got your driver’s license? Most people do.
You got that slip of paper and walked out of the DMV a new person. It’s one of those memories that will last forever. Because it changed us. It changed the way we felt. It changed the things we could do.

It gave us independence.

While all Americans will be celebrating 237 years of independence this 4th of July, we at PEAK will also be celebrating 40. Yep, 40 years of independence. 40 years of not selling out and staying a family-owned small business. And 40 years of developing high-quality automotive products.

With our independence, we chose to be a little different. We chose to always be about the customer. We chose not to sell you more performance than your car needs. And we chose not to make decisions for shareholders because, well, we don’t have any.

We’re lucky to live in a country that provides us the freedom to make these choices and lucky to have great customers that use our products. We celebrate it every day.

russ komarnicki

July 02, 2013

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