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PEAK Launches Line of OET Coolants

DID YOU KNOW … The mix of vehicles on the road has changed significantly over the last 20 years? (AutoCare Association, 2018; IHS/ POLK, 2015)   Currently in the US almost half of all passenger cars and light duty vehicles on the road are Asian brands (IHS/ POLK, 2015).  As the vehicle population shifted from being primarily Ford, GM and Chrysler, to a mix of domestic and foreign brands, so did the range of coolants needed to protect a changing mix of metals used in those engines (Old World Industries, 2018).  This shift has increased the number of different antifreeze/coolant technologies and colors making it at times more complex for the customer to shop the category.

Just as vehicles and coolants have changed, so has the DIYer.  Traditionally, they have been All Makes all Model customers who know they need coolant, but don’t know which one they need, and are cost-conscious.  Recently the market has seen a growing population of DIY customer looking for vehicle specific coolants (NPD, 2013-2017).  They are more engaged in maintenance of their vehicle and willing to spend more for an OE level of performance.  But, they have been put off by dealer pricing.

So what’s the market answer to all of this complexity?   PEAK Original Equipment Technology® Antifreeze + CoolantPEAK OET is a line of coolants designed to match the specific color and technology that was in vehicles right from the factory.   PEAK OET makes it a no-brainer for customers to pick the right coolant for their vehicle.


First, PEAK OET Asian and PEAK OET European have unique bottle color and a banner across the front label to help customers easily shop this premium coolant line.

Second, the bottle caps and labels match the coolant color inside the bottle, so customers who already know their color can quickly find the right OET product.

Third, most customers know what make/model vehicle they own.  PEAK has listed the applications on the front label of the product, so the consumer can easily identify the correct OE coolant for their vehicle.

Guess no more. Simply enter your vehicle model information, and the application guide will provide the manufacturer’s specified antifreeze/coolant, motor Oil, wiper blade size, and automotive lights, plus the corresponding PEAK product.

Try it out today! PEAK Application Guide

russ komarnicki

July 26, 2018

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