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PEAK Stars Shine at AAPEX

The scene was bananas. Fans were everywhere. Amateur paparazzi stacked five and six deep. Who stirs up this kind of fervor? Danica. That’s right, no last name needed.

     It’s just another day in the life of Danica Patrick, as she              strides among the booths at AAPEX, the Automotive                  Aftermarket Product Expo.

Held every November, AAPEX gives aftermarket automotive        pros a place to meet with some of the biggest companies in        the world. The booth creating the aforementioned ruckus            was Old World Industries, home of PEAK Automotive and            HERCULINER among others, as Danica, its brand ambassador and racecar rock star, made her entrance.

Celebrities have long been a staple of trade shows and PEAK brought the heat this year with some NASCAR royalty. Danica? Check.

Two-time Daytona 500 champion Michael Waltrip? Got him. Last year’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series runner-up and garage cut up Clint Bowyer? Him too. Bowyer even brought his No. 15 PEAK car, which has the amazing ability to look fast even at a dead stop. The three stars visited the PEAK display to sign autographs and hang with fans in a more intimate setting. In other words, they could actually chat without the sensory overload of 900 horsepower engines revving and the smell of burnt rubber.

Two things happen in this environment. One is that trade            show guests who may never have heard of these drivers            leave as full-fledged NASCAR fans, loyal to their new friends      and to the sponsor on their hood. The other is, supporters of      that particular driver stick around to gain education on              PEAK’s family of products after talking to Michael, Clint, and        Danica. Clint’s buddies from Duck Dynasty were also there,        sorta, promoting the goodness that is PEAK.

So, PEAK’s message from AAPEX? Big names representing a small company determined to take on the big boys. And win. On the track, in the boardrooms, and on the highway.

russ komarnicki

November 15, 2013

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