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#PeakSCD School Is In

After months of mounting anticipation, the Showdown in Charlotte is finally upon us. The Final 9 drivers selected in our inaugural PEAK Stock Car Dream Challenge contest will now battle it out in a three-day driving competition at Charlotte Motor Speedway. 

All nine will take to the track — Only 1 will leave Charlotte holding the bragging rights to #PeakSCD Champion. 

Of course our Final 9 will receive a bit of friendly guidance along the way. Or, more aptly put—coaching from NASCAR greats such as Michael Waltrip, Clint Bowyer, Martin Truex Jr., Mark Martin and Danica Patrick. Nonetheless, their coaching alone simply will not cut it. 

The competitors will need to show they possess wheelman (& wheelwoman) skills, smarts and dedication, to boot. 

We’re not about to reveal the details on what criteria the judges will use to evaluate the Final 9 drivers—what’s the fun in ruining the surprise? None. 

What we are doing, however, is giving PEAK Nation a snapshot of a few racing skills we feel every top-notch driver must have. 

Physical & Mental Prowess.
Wheeling a stock car isn’t as easy as just mashing the gas and turning left. It takes strategy, practice, quick reaction times and the ability to quickly defer to ‘Plan B’ if things go sideways during a race. 

Understanding Course Strategy.
A real driver understands the benefits and perils different types of courses offer. Racing on a road course like Sonoma is a world of difference away from a restrictor-plate track like Daytona or Talladega. 

Personality On & Off the Track.
Even if you’re the most skilled driver in the world, if there isn’t a personality as part of the package, be it good or bad—it’s going to be awfully hard finding yourself a sponsor. 

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russ komarnicki

July 10, 2013

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