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Prevent Car Water Pump Failure Before it Happens

Having your water pump fail can put a real damper on your day. If you’ve just discovered a pool of water and coolant underneath your car, you might be wondering, what happened? Diagnosing the problem can be as easy as testing your coolant and checking the levels in the reservoir.

What causes a vehicle water pump failure?

Water pump failure often stems from the condition and amount of coolant in your vehicle’s cooling system. Your vehicle’s engine is working extremely hard, and in turn, generating lots of heat. To prevent it from overheating, the water pump circulates coolant throughout the engine and cooling system to remove heat from critical engine parts. This helps the engine, engine oil and transmission fluid operate at optimal temperatures. When the condition of the coolant is poor, or there is simply not enough coolant in the cooling system, it can create a domino effect that can cause your engine temperatures to rise.

You’re just 18-degrees from a mechanical emergency.

If your engine temperature rises, things can get troublesome pretty quickly. At 18-degrees above its normal temperature, the important inhibitors in the coolant that protect the water pump from cavitation, rust, scale, and sludge become less effective. As these degrade, failure of your vehicle’s water pump is waiting on the horizon.

Check and test coolant levels regularly

Have you checked your coolant levels lately? Each time you open the hood is an opportunity to monitor coolant levels and get a reading on your vehicle’s health.

Revive your vehicle with PEAK

When your coolant is low, top it off with PEAK Long-Life 50/50. It’s compatible for use in all automobiles and light-duty trucks.

Next, check the condition of your coolant with a PEAK Tester and visually inspect the color of the coolant.

If the coolant is dirty or the test indicates poor quality, we suggest performing a complete flush of the system and fill with PEAK Long-Life Full Strength and water mixture.

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May 01, 2018

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