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Ready Your Ride for Spring

Spring is in the air and that means a couple things: warmer weather is starting to roll in, and it’s time to give your ride a little TLC.

April is National Car Care Month, and since we’re car care people, we’re sharing a few ideas to keep your car roadworthy for the summer. Here are 5 things you can do right away to get the jump on the summer driving season & make sure your ride is in tip-top shape.

1. FLUIDS – Winter conditions force your engine to burn the midnight oil – Literally. Check your motor oil, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, brake fluid – you get the idea. Anything that could have leaked, evaporated or burned off over the winter needs your attention.

Overwhelmed by all of the oil hype out there? Don’t be. Our conventional and full synthetic motor oils meet or exceed manufacturer’s recommendations for engine wear, emissions, sludge control and all the other important stuff.

Of course, we have a full line of antifreeze and washer fluid too.  Either way, taking care of your ride is what’s important.

2. BRAKES – Inspect the rotors, pads, sensors and brake line for wear. Salt and winter driving conditions can take a much bigger toll on these parts than meets the eye. This is something you DO NOT want to skip – If this is beyond your automotive comfort level, spend a few bucks and have your trusted mechanic take a look. He doesn’t want you to crash, either.

3. BATTERY – Test your battery. Those things have the uncanny tendency of dying at the absolute worst time possible. Look over the terminals & make sure they’re corrosion-free. Wire brush that stuff off the negative terminal & slop a little Vaseline on there to prevent future buildup. It’s not a bad idea to keep a Jump-Starter handy, either.

4. TIRES – Check tire pressure and tread pattern for wear.  Uneven wear can throw your alignment off & create bigger headaches down the road.

5. WINDSHIELD WIPER BLADES – When was the last time you took a long, hard look at your wiper blades? If you can’t remember—go look now then replace with a fresh set. A PEAK All Season Blade is a good OEM replacement, but if you’re living somewhere with really wet springs, think about something like our Max-Vision Wipers with an advanced rubber blend for superior durability.  Maximum visibility is the key.

Have questions? Comment here or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. We’ll be offering up maintenance info & tips all month. Keep an eye out for:

*  The REAL reason motor oil turns black over time and why that’s a good

*  Why it’s important to not over-tighten the cap after filling up antifreeze

*  How to properly recycle used motor oil

See you on the road.

russ komarnicki

April 10, 2013

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