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Tearing Up the Hot List

Our Stock Car Dream Challenge contest is up & runnin’ full bore and there are a lot of racers pushing to get their friends voting and supporting their dream. There are a ton of interesting stories and they’re all worth checking out, but here’s a quick look at some of our points leaders.

 P1 on the SCD Hot List leaderboard is racer Matt Poole. Matt and his loyal fans – the “Matt Poole Freight Train” – have been making some serious noise, and we can only imagine the ruckus if MWR deems Matt worthy of being part of the final showdown.

 Taking a different approach to the contest is aspiring driver/car guy/Country music singer, Trent Mayo. Born with race fuel in his veins, Trent grew up running the amateur circuit only to see his racing career iced by an accident. Well, Trent’s ready to get back on the track & you can get the whole story here.

 Kenny Martin is in it to win it & racking up votes like a madman. He’s got autocross titles AND he’s a teacher molding young gearhead minds. 

Tom Ohmit rocked his entry video & clearly isn’t phoning it in for the contest. When he’s not logging laps, he’s either polishing his 11 Kart trophies or machining parts for shifter karts.

Up & coming racer Cassie Gannis has the Twittersphere and her loyal fans dialed in to the latest SCD contest developments. She’s got midgets, Bandoleros and Late Models under her belt & can currently be seen turning laps on the K&N Pro Series.

We’ve also got the self-proclaimed “Dark Horse” Richard Shinall. He’s been cranking out DIY artwork, spreading the word, and relentlessly chasing his dream to be a stock car star.

We don’t blame you if you’re a little intimidated by this crowd, but it’s time to step up & submit your entry. Remember – a late start doesn’t mean you can’t make the final 10 and have a shot at stock car greatness.

Contest entry deadline is Friday, May 31st. If the paved oval is your thing, you need to get on this. Enter now at  

See you in Charlotte.

russ komarnicki

May 17, 2013

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