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TORC Crandon: The Cathedral of Off-Road Racing

Every year, tens of thousands of Americans make the trek to Crandon International Off-Road Raceway to celebrate Labor Day and catch the most iconic dirt racing weekend in the country: TORC Series World Championship. 

And it’s going to be an East vs. West Coast showdown at The Big House. 

Before diving in the TORC Series driver details, let’s first give you a crash course on the history of Crandon International Off-Road Raceway

Crandon has a certain vibe to it. You can practically feel the energy in the air. 

Crandon draws massive crowds, and these fans aren’t afraid to hang for a while. 

Also, things tend to get a bit weird in the woods of Crandon at times, so naturally you can expect to come across a few peculiar sights – such as:
Jurassic Park (aka the Sideshow)
The largest DIY Slip ‘n Slide of your life (Hat tip to the water truck driver)
Even a tiger cub…or two (Yes, this actually happened last year) 

Now, let’s dial you in on where our PEAK drivers stand heading into Crandon. 

Fresh off is recent sweep at RedBux MX, Bryce Menzies sits first in the PRO 2WD class, boasting 3 wins & 3 Oakley Bomb Awards. 

Ricky Johnson is in solid shape, too. RJ is holding down first in PRO 4×4, with 3 wins and 2 Oakley Bombs under his belt. 

With 8 wins, 2 Oakley Bombs, and a fight straight win streak, dirt ace Luke Johnson has straight dominated his first season in the PRO Buggy class. 

And let’s not forget the weekend’s Cup Race which pits the PRO 2 Class against the PRO 4 Class for a winner-take-all-race…and by take all, we’re talking $40,000. And a year’s worth of bragging rights. 

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See you in the dirt. 


(*Image courtesy of Mike Roth Photography)

russ komarnicki

August 29, 2013

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