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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the garage,
stood a car nut named George, giving his car’s leather a routine massage.

George was a car fanatic, yes, through and through
He was always looking for awesome-such car things to do.

He wanted to show his car proper care,
So he went to get his products, but his cupboard was bare.
No oil, no coolant, there was nothing in there.

When out of nowhere, George heard a sudden crash.
He opened his garage, and to his driveway he made a quick dash.

He thought that his tired eyes were playing a trick,
‘Cuz sitting on his driveway, was none other than jolly St. Nick.

“What’s up, big guy?” he asked, “Where are your reindeer?”
“I traded ’em for ponies;” Santa replied, “real horsepower that’s more fun to steer.” 

“Supercharged stallions, modified mustangs, and rad racehorses too.
I’m a high-performance junkie, Georgie boy. Just like you.
These ponies have synthetic oil running through their veins,
Which makes ’em fly fast—and makes me hang tight to their reigns!”

“I can talk shop all night,” Santa said, “but there’s much left to do.
Which is why I stopped by—with tons of PEAK products, especially for you.”

Motor oils, fluids, electronics and more.
Wiper blades and antifreeze, HERCULINER—it was car stuff galore!

Gear oils, spotlights and chargers, there was plenty in tow,
So George took them all, and hid them fo’ sho.

Santa gave George a fist-bump and a couple of high-fives too,
Then flew off saying, “go to—there’s even more in store for you.”

The next day when George’s gearhead buddies showed up,
They toasted Santa by raising their cups, thanking the big guy for all their cool PEAK stuff.

russ komarnicki

December 24, 2013

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