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As kids, we all had wish lists when the holidays came around. Ten-speed bikes. Remote-controlled helicopters. Badass speakers that could break glass. Sweet BB guns that would scare the crap out of our moms. We wanted it all.

Well, now that we’ve grown up (kind of), we still have holiday wishes. Why not, right? After all, we’re still kids—we just have bigger, better toys.

There are all sorts of things we’re wishing for this year. And, like our childhood days, we’ve made a list. Only we didn’t bust out our best crayon to scribble out what we wanted. Nope. Instead, we grabbed a can of spray paint and went to town on our garage floor. Cool, huh? We thought so too—until we remembered that our “paint penmanship” leaves a lot to be desired. And that sharing a 15’ x 15’ piece of concrete with our readers would be pretty tough. So, we wiped our concrete slate clean, busted out our laptop, and typed up the PEAK Christmas Wish List below.

WINNER’S CIRCLE CITY: All of the professional racecar drivers who rock the PEAK logo on their rides work hard all season. They push their engines—and their own limits—to the absolute max. There’s no substitute for hard work—there’s only a supplement: winning. Which is what we hope every PEAK driver experiences a whole lot of this season. Shake ‘n bake.

SMOOTH SAILING: We’re wishing for Mother Nature to be kind this winter and leave ice where it belongs—in the freezer (not on the roads).

WISH IT. DO IT. (YOURSELF): It’s the holidays, which means there are a whole lot of DIY projects happening—around the house and in your garage. Putting up a new roof, adding a guest bathroom (that you’ll sneak and use any chance you get), converting the basement into a man-cave, winterizing your car or truck by flushing out the radiator and changing out the wiper blades. The list is long—and the time you spend working on them will be even longer. That’s why we’re sending you this virtual “high-5” —to wish you nothing but success on your DIY adventures. Rock the house (just don’t break it). Happy DIY’ing!

SAFE TRAVELS: OK, so this one is more of a miracle than a wish, but we wish for safe drivers during this chaotic, easy-to-be-distracted season. Remember, red means “stop.” Green means “go.” Use your signal. Use common sense (although that’s not so common nowadays). And don’t text while driving—the holidays are distracting enough without having to get a bumper “love tap” by someone who just had to post their newly acquired cheeseburger on Instagram. It’s a crazy time, which is why we’re wishing for everyone to take an extra moment or two—in the spirit of safety—and make sure to drive defensively.

GOOD TIDINGS: The holidays are a time of togetherness. Where friends and families reunite. Where brave soldiers make surprise, grand entrances. Where presents are opened via Skype. Yes, the holidays are a time to rejoice and be grateful for what we have. Which is why we at PEAK want to wish you and yours the happiest of happy holidays—full of nothing but health, happiness, and prosperity. Oh yeah, and a whole lot of kick-ass presents too.

Well, that’s our Wish List so far—but the month is still young. What’s on your Wish List? Head over to our Facebook page to let us know.

russ komarnicki

December 10, 2013

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