Engineered to ensure that your engine runs in hot and cold temperatures while protecting against damaging rust and corrosion.


PEAK Auto’s full line of antifreeze and coolant products provide the auto enthusiast with everything they need to maintain and protect their engines cooling system. From coolants to complete flush and fill accessories that provide protection from corrosion and leaks, you will find everything you need for your engine cooling system at PEAK.

Automotive Antifreeze & Coolant

As the name states, the formulation for automotive antifreeze & coolant allows the fluid to serve two purposes simultaneously.

Year round, the formulation prevents the engine from overheating, protecting the engine and components from the extreme temperatures of operating your vehicle. The properties of the fluid allow it to transfer heat to be dissipated by the vehicle’s radiator. Even in winter, the engine temperature must be well regulated with the coolant to avoid excessive wear or damage.

In the winter, the fluid must remain in a liquid state even in extreme cold. The formula protects the liquid from freezing, allowing it to maintain it’s ability to cool the engine once it has been running for a while.

Radiator Flush & Fill

Maintaining the integrity of your automotive antifreeze/coolant is critical to engine protection. Eventually, proper maintenance will include a complete coolant system flush and refill. Whether you’re running an auto repair shop or a DIY auto enthusiast, PEAK Auto has the equipment and fluid for the DIY person to perform this maintenance.

RV & Marine Antifreeze

Recreational vehicles and boats are typically stored during the winter in colder climates. During this storage time, there is a risk of functional fluids freezing. PEAK’s RV & Boat Antifreeze protect your investment during winter storage. More about RV Antifreeze.