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Blue Diesel Anti-Gel

Multifunctional diesel anti-gel additive designed for harsh cold weather environments

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Blue Diesel Anti-Gel is a multifunctional diesel fuel additive that contains not only cold flow improver to protect fuel from gelling, but also contains cetane for better cold starts and injector cleaner to clean critical engine parts.  Diesel Anti-Gel is designed to ensure reliable fuel system performance in all diesel applications and is compatible with all fuel system components. Effective in biodiesel blends up to B20.

Blue Diesel Anti-Gel is available in 16 oz., 32 oz., and 64 oz.

Diesel Fuel Anti-Gel w/Cetane Boost & Injector Cleaner Treat Rate is:

16 oz – 1:80 gal

32 oz – 1:160 gal

64 oz – 1:320 gal

  • Lowers Cold Filter Plugging Point by as much as 30º F
  • Pour Point by as much as 40º F
  • Prevents fuel gelling in low temperatures and contains Wax Anti-Settling Agents (WASA)
  • WASA disperses and suspends wax during extended cold periods
  • Disperses moisture, inhibits fuel filter icing and enhances lubricity
  • Prevents fuel system freeze damage, engine wear, and fuel pump failures
  • Provides immediate cetane boost up to 4 numbers to reduce application hard starts
  • Cleans fuel injectors prevents corrosion and improves fuel economy
  • Contains less than 15 ppm sulfur and burns ash free