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Rechargeable 30 LED Spotlight

A toolbox must-have, this durable, cordless spotlight is ideal for working under your hood.

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The PEAK® Rechargeable 30 LED Spotlight is a cordless spotlight for all of your outdoor needs. With 360-degrees of swivel range motion and a light that can move 180-degrees, this LED wonder is ideal for working on your ride, for going camping, or for “rescuing” you in the event of an emergency.

PEAK® Rechargeable Spotlights and Corded Specialty Lights are perfect for every automotive need whether you are camping, working on your automobile or stranded on the side of the road in an emergency.

OLD WORLD INDUSTRIES, LLC warranties this product against faulty manufacture and defective materials. OLD WORLD INDUSTRIES, LLC. will not accept product liability for application or use of this product.