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PEAK – Universal Tractor Fluid

A multi-functional fluid that provides maximum service life to pumps and other system components.

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PEAK® Universal Tractor Fluid is a wide-ranging solution for farm tractors and implements because it meets torque transfer requirements, as well as hydraulic and power transmission requirements, in equipment produced by leading agricultural manufacturers. Our advanced hydraulic and circulating fluids are specially formulated with high-quality base stock and improved, thermally stable zinc additives. As a result, the oils provide outstanding resistance to sludge formation, are chemically stable, and demonstrate excellent anti-wear properties, providing maximum service life to pumps and other system components.

Shield™ Hydraulic and Tractor fluids provide maximum protection in a wide range of applications.

Shield™ Premium Tractor Fluid provides extreme pressure and anti-wear protection.

Shield™ 303 Tractor Fluid protects tractor transmissions, axles and hydraulic pumps against rust and corrosion.

Shield™ MVI Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluids include oxidation inhibitors that provide sludge and deposit control, rust and corrosion protection.

Shield™ R&O Hydraulic Fluid includes anti-corrosion protection and anti-foam properties.

OLD WORLD INDUSTRIES, LLC warranties this product against faulty manufacture and defective materials. OLD WORLD INDUSTRIES, LLC. will not accept product liability for application or use of this product.