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Recommended for vehicles where DEXRON® III/Mercon® ATF is required.

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Transmissions have many demands placed on them. That’s why PEAK® DEXRON® III/MERCON® Automatic Transmission Fluid is formulated with select, highly refined base oils and specially balanced additives, as well as friction modifiers that provide smooth lockups required by both Ford and General Motors. PEAK® DEXRON® III/MERCON® Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is recommended for use in automatic transmissions in GM, Ford (except where Ford M2C33-F is specified) and other domestic and foreign vehicles requiring DEXRON® III, IIE AND II, as well as MERCON® ATF. Additionally, it can be used in Allison automatic transmissions – including those requiring C-4 fluid – and Caterpillar transmissions specifying T0-2 performance.

Always refer to your equipment’s owner’s manual for specific information on Automatic Transmission Fluid requirements. Because it has a high viscosity index, PEAK® DEXRON® III/MERCON® ATF can be used over a wide temperature range – providing excellent low-temperature fluidity while retaining desired viscosity at high temperatures. Specific benefits and product attributes include:

        • Smooth shifting performance where DEXRON® III or a MERCON® fluid is specified
        • High-temperature oxidation resistance
        • Excellent corrosion, wear, and rust protection
        • Compatibility with automatic transmission components, including elastomer seals and plastic parts

Always consult your owner’s manual for Automatic Transmission Fluid requirements.

Signs Your Vehicle’s Transmission Needs Attention

  • Momentary delay in movement after placing the vehicle in gear
  • Strange, infrequent transmission noises, such as changes in noise pitch at constant speed
  • Problems shifting gears, especially in cold weather or just after start up
  • Long gear shifts, or gear slippage when attempting to accelerate
  • Vehicle surges while you are maintaining constant speed


Contaminated or warn transmission fluid can display symptoms similar to inadequate levels of transmission fluid. If you notice any of these symptoms, stop the vehicle as soon as safely possible and check the transmission fluid level while the engine is still running. Consult your owner’s manual for the location of your vehicle’s transmission fluid dip stick. Fluid color should be bright red, clear and between marks indicated for hot transmission fluid on the stick.


Know Your Vehicle’s Transmission Fluid Specification

Consult your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s specified automatic transmission fluid if the fluid level is low. PEAK Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF meets most popular vehicle ATF specifications. If the fluid level is acceptable, your vehicle may only need a transmission fluid flush but there may be more going on. PEAK recommends you see a transmission service professional ASAP.


PEAK’s general recommendation is to flush your transmission every 2 years or 30,000 miles.


Recommended for vehicles where DEXRON® III/Mercon® ATF is required.

OLD WORLD INDUSTRIES, LLC warranties this product against faulty manufacture and defective materials. OLD WORLD INDUSTRIES, LLC. will not accept product liability for application or use of this product