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Sunoco 40:1 Fuel Blend

Sunoco’s 40:1 2 cycle fuel blend ensures great small engine performance (e.g., leaf blowers, weed trimmers, chainsaws, etc.) with NASCAR level of fuel quality standards. Sunoco 40:1 small engine fuel is formulated with premium 95 Octane fuel and premium synthetic oil to deliver superior engine performance. Sunoco small engine fuel is 100% ethanol free to help extend fuel storage life and reduce the chance of corrosion on critical engine parts that can be caused by ethanol and water.

  • 95 Octane fuel delivers superior performance
  • 100% Ethanol Free
  • NASCAR level of fuel quality standards
  • Enhanced Detergent for cleaner running engines
  • Corrosion Inhibitor to help protect critical engine parts
  • Pre-Mixed with premium synthetic oil for convenience

Q: Why should I use Sunoco 2 cycle or 4 cycle fuels instead of just using the gasoline from the gas pumps for 4 cycle applications or adding a 2 cycle oil to gas pump gasoline for 2 cycle applications?

A: Sunoco 2 cycle and 4 cycle fuels use 95 Octane gasoline and are 100% ethanol free. This is important because ethanol attracts water which can cause corrosion in your fuel system and prevent your engine from starting. For 2 cycle applications, the fuel to oil ratio is pre-mixed for convenience and accuracy. In addition, you can be assured that all of the 2 cycle fuel specifications that the major 2 cycle engine manufacturers require are met by Sunoco 2 cycle premixed fuels.


Q: Is there anything I need to do to my equipment before using Sunoco’s 2 cycle and 4 cycle products?

A: It’s important that you drain your equipment of any old, unused fuel. After your equipment is drained, simply open your Sunoco product and pour it directly into your 2 cycle or 4 cycle equipment.


Q: Will I notice a big difference with the 95-octane rating?

A: Yes, you should!  This is because when using a higher octane fuel, you will optimize engine power when compared to lower octane fuels.


Q: Can I recycle the containers after being used?

A: Yes, you can. It’s important that you empty the container and then recycle them the same as you would any other steel can.


Q: What type of equipment will Sunoco small engine fuel work in?

A: You can use the 2 cycle products in all air-cooled, 2 cycle equipment. These include leaf blowers, line trimmers, and chainsaws. The 4 cycle product can be used in any type of 4 cycle equipment which includes lawnmowers, snowblowers and power generators.


Q: Will Sunoco small engine fuel affect the manufacturer’s warranty of my power equipment?

A: No, but it is important that you use the manufacturer’s suggested Fuel to Oil ratio for your equipment.


Q: Will my product go stale if its sitting for too long?

A: No, it will not. Sunoco small engine fuel offers unique technology that keeps the fuel fresh. The sealed container offers high performance for a minimum of 2 years from the time you open the can and for more than 5 years unopened.