A full-line of replacement wiper blades and winter wiper blades

Replacement Wiper Blades


PEAK Wiper Blades Options

PEAK makes replacement windshield wiper blades to meet just about any need and condition. Whether windshield or rear window, you’ll find the blade you need from PEAK. Our beam wiper blade design applies even pressure on your windshield while eliminating ice and snow build up. If your weather conditions are really harsh, the frameless winter blades will be your best bet.

What size wiper blades do I need?

We understand, not only are there many different types of wiper blades, but knowing which blade and size is right for your vehicle is hard to figure out without a little help. We’ll show you what size blades you need (driver and passenger sides are often different sizes), we will also give you a recommendation for which model windshield wiper blade is best for your car. Check out our replacement windshield wipe blade finder.

Changing your wiper blades

Installing a windshield wiper blades is not difficult… once you know how. If you’ve never changed your blades, check out the wiper blade section of our DIY videos. You’ll see how easy it is and be on your way in no time.