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PEAK Stars Shine at AAPEX

The scene was bananas. Fans were everywhere. Amateur paparazzi stacked five and six deep. Who stirs up this kind of fervor? Danica. That’s right, no last name needed.      It’s just another day in the life of Danica Patrick, as she              strides among the booths at AAPEX, the…

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72 Hours Served on the Joliet Autobahn

We had such a blast at our last 24 Hours of LeMons race that we just had to go back for round two. It's only fitting—right? So, immediately after the PEAK LeMons sweepstakes ended, we notified our lucky winner, loaded the hauler, picked up TJ, and set out for the Autobahn Country Club where we…

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PEAK Blog Be Cool



Water Won’t Cut It

Summer is only a few weeks away and we have one question for you, PEAK Nation: When’s the last time you flushed or topped off your coolant? You can’t remember? You’re scaring us. Coolant/Antifreeze prevents your engine from overheating at high temperatures and from freezing in cold temperatures. It also keeps surface metals in the…

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We Remember

Happy Memorial Day, PEAK Nation.It just wouldn’t be right to let summer roll in without acknowledging those who have served our country and paid the ultimate price.So, today we raise our flag in honor of our fallen soldiers.We’re looking forward to enjoying our long weekend, but we won’t lose sight of the sacrifices others made…

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The Final Squeeze

PEAK’s Marketing Tools Team and NHRA Pilot TJ Zizzo want YOU to join 24 Hours of LeMons.If you haven’t heard, TJ will be trading in his Top Fuel dragster for a $500 hooptie turned track-ready racecar to try his luck in the 24 Hours of LeMons. Armed with duct tape, high hopes and PEAK’s Marketing…

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