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TORC Racers Head to the PEAK of Success in 2013

The PEAK family of racers made its presence felt in the TORC Series throughout the 2013 season. Bryce Menzies (PRO 2) and Luke Johnson (PRO Buggy) finished the year with their respective class titles while Ricky Johnson (PRO 4) narrowly missed the title, but captured the coveted Huseman Cup for the second-straight season. Luke Johnson…

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TORC Crandon: The Cathedral of Off-Road Racing

Every year, tens of thousands of Americans make the trek to Crandon International Off-Road Raceway to celebrate Labor Day and catch the most iconic dirt racing weekend in the country: TORC Series World Championship.  And it's going to be an East vs. West Coast showdown at The Big House.  Before diving in the TORC Series…

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