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TORC Crandon: The Cathedral of Off-Road Racing

Every year, tens of thousands of Americans make the trek to Crandon International Off-Road Raceway to celebrate Labor Day and catch the most iconic dirt racing weekend in the country: TORC Series World Championship.  And it's going to be an East vs. West Coast showdown at The Big House.  Before diving in the TORC Series…

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Tearing Up the Hot List

Our Stock Car Dream Challenge contest is up & runnin’ full bore and there are a lot of racers pushing to get their friends voting and supporting their dream. There are a ton of interesting stories and they’re all worth checking out, but here’s a quick look at some of our points leaders.  P1 on…

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Bryce Menzies Tears Up the Mint 400

After a grueling 6:20 ripping across the desert, Bryce Menzies took the trophy in the 2013 Mint 400. Bryce and co-rider Pete Mortensen battled radio and brake failure to take the title with their closest competitor behind them by almost 10 minutes. It was a long weekend of off-road motorsports action. The party kicked off…

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Dirt Season

Ah, spring has sprung. Birds sing, children laugh and the smell of burning race fuel fills the air… NASCAR is already a month into their season, NHRA is running strong, and the iconic Mint 400 is upon us. It’s officially dirt season. Hunter S. Thompson may have described it best. “In some circles, the Mint…

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