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DOB: 08/26/2008

Hometown: Bedford, MA

When it comes to racing videos, the question is: Do they feel real?

Actually, yeah. They do. iRacing.com works closely with major auto manufacturers and race car constructors to gather exact masses and dimensions for car components, from data both collected through 3D laser scanning or even physically disassembling cars to weigh and measure parts of the chassis, suspension and driveline. Basically, it feels real because mathematically it is. Good thing they know their numbers!

And even the tracks themselves are accurate. iRacing.com uses laser scanning to replicate the precise physical features of each track’s racing surface – the camber, cracks, curbs, undulations and patches. They also use hyper-accurate sight pictures and mapping software to allow racers to hone their skills and improve real-world performance.

Over 30 Years in Motorsports

It’s in our blood.

At PEAK®, we’re not afraid to mix it up with the big boys. This is why we’ve been actively involved in motorsports for over 30 years. We identify with the straight shooters like John Force and Clint Bowyer, just two of the truly great racers who’ve been part of the PEAK family throughout the years.

Today, PEAK still aims to shock the motorsports establishment partly as a way to showcase the excellence and competitive quality of our family of brands, but mostly, because it’s so much fun. Look for our drivers and teams to challenge the heavy hitters in NASCAR, NHRA, and Dirt Late Model racing!